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From sunny beaches to natural pools carved alongside massive cliffs, Tenerife is packed with entertaining options for the sea lovers. Enjoy a romantic sunset walk, snorkel with turtles and kite surf in El Medano: the Island has it all, for families and adventurers alike!



Thanks its crystal clear waters, the warm average temperaturas and the abundance of marine life Tenerife is a paradise for veteran and novice divers. We guarantee a colourful and relaxing dive!

Our profesional and skilled divemasters will help you on every dive.

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The ocean around Tenerife is host to a multitude of fish species: some just swimming by, others present all year long. Green Holiday will counsel you and provide you the best possible fishing experience.



Get on your board and become the owner of the waves while the sun tans you skin. For both the amateur and the pro, the waters surrounding Tenerife are one of the most thrilling places for board sports: do not be lazy at the beach, catch a wave and feel alive!

From courses to rentals Green Holiday will help you by putting you in the hands of the best professionals.

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The island of Tenerife is internationally known for the presence of whales and other large oceanic mammals, populating its waters. Green Holiday is always up-to-date with the latest sightings and will make sure your holiday includes a close encounter with one or more of these magnificent animals.